The First Step


The First Step is the most important step, providing it is the right step.  The first and most important step every person needs to take is to get saved or to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as one's personal Lord and Savior.  Why is this the most important step in life?  Because it is the only step you take in life that will affect you for all eternity to come.  The links on this page seek to help you realize that you need to be saved and how to be saved.   

I Still Have Questions?

We all have had questions about Christianity and what this experience truly represents.  Is it just another religion?  Is it some thing that somebody just thought up and a bunch of delusional folks have come to believe?  Just what is this thing some of my family and friends, that I trust and love, have become a part of?  I hope to be able to answer some of these questions for you through the following links.  However, if there is something that you just can't seem to get answered  please feel free to contact me with your question.  

Salvation Plain and Simple - Acts 4, Sunday Oct 2, 2022

Almost Persuaded - Acts 26.28, Sunday Jan 15, 2023

It's Your Choice - John 20, Sunday April 4, 2021 - Resurrection Sunday
So Great Salvation - Heb 2.1-9
A Conversion To Choose - I John 1.1-4
A Place Called Heaven
God's Glorious Plan
I believe in God!

Just what is this Christian thing anyway?
Let me share Six Good Reasons To Get Saved with you.
Receiving Jesus Christ - John 3.7 
What Happens When I Die?
What Lack I Yet - The Rich Young Ruler
Ye Must Be Born Again - John 3.1-21

Discipleship - helping you to understand your new life in Christ:

First Steps for a new Christian - James 1.1-4
The Source Of Wisdom - James 1.5
Ask In Faith - James 1.6
Understanding Temptation and Sin - James 1.13
Conquering Temptation - James 1.13

Audio Recordings to help you choose the Lord Jesus Christ:

Baptism - Rom 6.14
Condemned - John 3.18
Heaven - Mark 12.18-27
Hell - Heb 10.29-31
A Suffering Savior
I Never Knew You - Matt 7.21
Lord, Lord - Matt 7.21-23
The Bodily Resurrection
Our Lord, Jesus Christ -Christology -  John 1.29-36
My Redeemer, My Savior - Christology -  Col 2.6-13
The Friend Of God
The Gates Of Eternity - Matt 7.13-14
What About The Heathen - Acts 10.1-6
What Are The Odds - Dealing with Atheist Evolution
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Why Should I Be A Christian?
Why The Cross - Luke 23.13-26
Ye Must Be Born Again - John 3.1-21
You Can Know - Assurance - John 3.16-19